BSP One Piece Ball Valve

The one-piece ball valve consists of a single body. This means that the valve cannot be taken apart for cleaning. The advantage is that the valve is inexpensive and robust. Because the valve body is a single piece, a smaller ball must be used, resulting in a reduced orifice, commonly referred to as a reduced bore. This means that the flow through the valve is reduced because the ball bore is one size smaller than the pipe size.

Guard specializes in designing and manufacturing stainless steel & carbon steel threaded ball valves, floating threaded ball valves, flange end ball valve, Gate valve, Globe valve, check valves and ect. With nearly 20 years of manufacturing experience, we have become one of the leading manufacturers in this field.

Chemical industry
Light industry
High voltage equipment
Other industrial automatic control systems

Size: DN15-DN100
Material: 304, 316, WCB
Pressure: PN63
Standards: G, ISO7-1, NPT, PT



Full port design, small fluid resistance
Valve seat sealing effect is good
Locking device available
Fireproof design
Anti-static design and blowout proof stem
Three-piece design for fast, economical in-line maintenance
The service life of ball valve is long
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