Guard supplies different types of manholes and parts. The standard covers of 500mm but also 170mm inspection hatches for example. Prices are based on small quantities. You can request a quote from us for larger quantities.

If you are looking for something special that is not listed here, we can also supply custom-made manholes. Our manholes are standard delivered in 316 stainless steel. Does your project require a different type of material? Then we can help you!


  • 500MM low-profile manlid assembly
  • 500MM deepneckring manlid assembly
  • 500MM Manlid Assembly with 170 mm inspection
  • 500MM Bitumen Manlid Assembly
  • 500MM Domed Flat Bottom Manlid Assembly
  • 300MM Deep Neckring Inspectieluik
  • 170MM Inspection hatch
  • 460mm Deep Necking Manlid Assembly