Safety valve for road tankers and ISO tank container.

The safety valve for ISO tank container. To prevent vacuum and overpressure in the tank. Guard delivers PV valves/ safety valves from stock. All our safety valves are guaranteed to be of excellent quality and meet international standards. All our valves are made of 316 stainless steel, including all contact parts.

We supply suitable bursting discs if necessary. 


It may be that the pressure settings you require are not found in our stock collection.

In that case, we can adjust the pressure and have it tested and delivered. So please feel free to contact us if you need something special. 



      Type PV Valves:

  • 1/2" Safety valve
  • 3/4" Steam line relief valve
  • 1" BSP Safety valve
  • 1,5" BSP Safety valve
  • 2" IBC Safety valve
  • 3" IBC Safety valve
  • 2,5" BSP Safety valve
  • 2,5" Safety valve flange design
  • 3" Safety valve flange mounted