To give you an idea of our product range, this includes pressure and vacuum valves, flame gauges, ball and butterfly valves, manhole seals, O-rings, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, flanges, fittings, (quick) couplings for tankers, document holders, rupture discs, dipsticks, clamps and dust caps.

From our office in Bergschenhoek, the Netherlands we can supply you with almost all the parts you need.

We supply a complete range of parts for the safe transport, storage and processing of hazardous liquids, foodstuffs, powders and compressed liquefied gases. Think of tank containers & other pressure vessels for the transport of liquids, gases and powders.


Equipment for:

  • Tank containers
  • Trailers tankers
  • Non-refrigerated tank container for liquefied gas
  • Swap body tank containers
  • Offshore tank containers for refuelling
  • IBC units
  • Powder tank containers
  • Rail tank containers
  • Static storage tanks




We also supply complete standard sets of valves and parts specifically for the tank container, tanker, gas tank, process installation, IBC and rail tank industry.